You Need S’MO!

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You Need S’MO!

S’MO of what, you might be asking? Social media marketing is taking over our culture. Everywhere you look, someone is either scrolling through Instagram, checking their likes on Facebook, or looking for Yelp reviews of the restaurant that supposedly serves the best mimosas. Social media is doing more than just creating a distraction in people’s lives- it is an avenue that businesses should be using to promote their products and services to millions of users.

SMO stands for “Social Media Optimization”, which is the use of techniques to raise awareness of a brand, product or service through mediums such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. Why is this so important? In a world of growing technology and access to it, almost everyone is using these platforms to review others’ feedback on such products or services. As an example, according to Statista in 2015, Instagram had over 500 million monthly users…thats a incredibly large amount of potential clients that many businesses overlook when planning their marketing strategies.

So, all you need to do is post content about what you sell, and these clients will flock…right? WRONG! A good SMO strategy involves much more than the ‘post and pray’ (If that’s not trademarked, you heard it here first) method. I see this strategy every day when scrolling through my Instagram feed. Businesses post status’s about their new product line, new fitness drink concept, or real estate listing without any strategy. To properly sell something through a social channel such as Instagram or Facebook, your potential clients need to have an interest in the product or service. Even if they didn’t originally plan on buying that new fitness drink, a good SMO strategy might change their mind solely through the content you push on your social channels.

So, where does ADventure come together with SMO? We leverage all of the popular social platforms to do anything from creating campaigns around a product or service to raising awareness about your business and its culture. A good SMO strategy will lead your business in the right direction without worrying about ‘not doing the right thing’ when putting time and effort into the content you post through your social platforms. We know that this time is precious, so why not do things the right way, the first time?

We connect these social platforms with our industry-leading analytics platforms to understand more than the amount of likes you get and the amount of views you have. We can generate information based on demographics, geo-locating your followers and seeing who is actually interested in buying your product versus those ‘ghost followers’. We create a SMO strategy based on the data analysis to target the real buyers of your product or service and create content that they are interested in seeing. Our mission to is to add enticing call-to-actions and catchy titles so that your potential customers can’t miss it. We work with our clients to make each campaign exclusive and creative, and to captivate the audience they are working hard to target.

So, do you understand now why you need S’MO? Let us help you go deeper into the social media optimization that’s right for your business.Call us today 860-305-4090 today to schedule a free consultation or email us to schedule a consultation today to see what we can do to up your social presence and create the brand identity you truly want!

Zach Gresham is the co-founder of ADventure Marketing specializing in SMO and content creation through social platforms. 



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