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Online Marketing Tips


Online Marketing Tips

With access and usage of the internet growing every day, businesses are turning to online means to showcase their product and services. Consumers are able to access the information they need with the click of a button, and can search through a sea of information to pinpoint the exact offering they are looking for. Are you in need of online marketing tips? See what our experts have in store for you.

Having a strong online marketing strategy can help rocket your campaign to the next level. The utilization of means such as blogging, social media advertising, paid online ads and other routes make a direct impact on your ROI. Even better, online programs allow for the tracking of metrics and data that pertains to your ads and your online presence.

Below are a few steps that we at ADventure try to work in to all of our client’s online marketing strategies!

Know your Market

Understanding who to market your product to is very important. After all, if the customer does not like your product, why try to sell it to them?

As an example, one of our clients is a nutrition supplement distributor. How would we figure out who wants to purchase these supplements? Market research techniques can be used to narrow down the intended clients so that market dollars aren’t wasted. Using the internet to determine what your competition is doing is a great way to start. Go out to gyms in the area to see what types of products the clientele is looking for. Data analysis on previous nutrition supplement company’s findings can help as well.

Set Goals and Change Them Along the Way

Shooting for the stars is great right? Well, yes and no. Online marketing campaigns can be daunting. What avenue do we want to take? Do we want to write blogs, use social media, create Google ads? Setting achievable goals along the way is a method that can help guarantee success, and tracking the progress will help you see where your strong points are and where in the campaign you might need to pick it up.

Make a Budget

Statistically, most businesses turn down online marketing campaigns due to their costly nature. Although many methods can take a large budget, online marketing can be done without much budgeting or a change in strategy, and even great campaigns can actually be executed on a tight budget. Know what your resources are and allocate them accordingly. Maybe some online outlets will be more successful than others, such as social media versus Google Ads. Be selective!

Research All Social Media Channels

The great thing about social media is that there are so many different platforms that all have their own unique benefit. Instagram is great for showcasing photos and videos. Facebook has the widest demographic audience, with great advertising methods that allow you to pinpoint your ads to an exact geographic location. Snapchat is a great way to show culture and the ‘behind the scenes’ of your business. Twitter is a great avenue to create conversation with your audience and to make quick announcements.

As every individual social channel has it’s own benefit, companies need to find out where to focus their efforts. Should all channels be utilized? An employee designated directly to the company’s social accounts is a great to make sure all of the content is unanimous across multiple outlets.

Write Blogs/Have Guest Bloggers

The amount of content on your site determines how many times your site might come up in a search. The more content, the better! Blogging is a great way to cover all aspects of your business area, creating conversation and inevitably leading to some sort of a sale. Guest blogging is beneficial when you have clients or vendors that back your product or service.

Analytics and Data Tracking

We at ADventure stress the importance of your marketing data. Unfortunately, many companies miss out on big opportunities by not understanding where your clients are coming from. Most social media outlets allow for the use of business accounts, which give small insights into who is seeing your content, how strong your engagement looks and what your CTR(Click Through Rate) is. Extensive data analytics and tracking can get costly, and it is sometimes beneficial to outsource these efforts. The more you know about who is seeing your content, the more proactive you can be in your online marketing campaigns and the more you can literally see your marketing dollars ROI.

Let us get involved. 

The digital marketing team at ADventure is able to help with all online marketing techniques. We create strong, effective campaigns with analytics to back the results. Call us today to schedule a free consultation or email us and us let know what online marketing services you are looking for.

Zach Gresham is the Co-Founder of ADventure Marketing, with a focus on online marketing, social media optimization and graphic design. 

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